Cooperation: 360 Degrees of Proximities

Systerserver Feminist federation

In 2023 continues into 360 Degrees of Proximities – it is a feminist federation undertaking in partnership with Ca La Dona, Broken House and The project is a logic step after Systerserver’s 2022 efforts supported by Kunstenpunt, where they’ve setup a Peertube instance on their server, hosted 3 artist residencies, each one month long, and live-streamed several public events. Their Peertube instance grew with many intriguing video works/experimentation and a question of sustaining and expanding on it.

360 Degrees of Proximities is technological/artistic/social embodiment of federation, as this is referred to the Fediverse: an ensemble of interconnected servers that are used for web publishing, such as social networking, microblogging, video publishing), which, while independently hosted, can communicate with each other. Systerserver will facilitate setting up 2 Peertube instances, one at Ca la Dona [Barcelona] and one for Broken House [Berlin] and organize a week-long program together with these local communities in Berlin and Barcelona. The idea is for these peertube instances to be locally embedded and sustained, and federated with each other and beyond.

Week-long program entails performative event about peertube/federation as well as testing it out, videolab for the community members to experimentally video-document the processes, install party for setting up a peertube instance, local show channel for screening video works by local community members and curated online publishing for making videolab works public on the local peertube instance. In partnership with they will also be reviving their old server, jean [who lives at] and devising approaches to monitor internal traffic.

Systerserver together with Anarchaserver and Leverburns participated as Feminist Servers at the Minor Tech workshop organized by transmediale festival 2023 in London. Their contribution in an essay format goes into Systerserver’s Peertube path in a context of a small scale feminist affective infrastructure. A short version of the essay will be part of the newspaper Toward Minor Tech, available during the transmediale festival. There will be a longer version essay published sometime in late spring.

360 Degrees of Proximities received an Internationalization of the Design Sector grant from Stimuleringsfonds.