Dokumentation: Worklab (Un)sustainable?!

The worklab documentation of (Un)sustainable?!? Worklab is online!

Worklab documentation

Documenting process oriented working formats such as a worklab is always a challenge: participants get together for a very brief and intense peroid of time, present their ongoing artistic research, discuss methodologies, technological hacks or troubleshootings. All immersed in conversations, note taking, some quick snaps of important slides serve as screenshots.

How to bring all this together in a presentable format?

To tackle this issue, we use the available tools: etherpad instance for collaborative note taking and the Wolke for sharing presentations, photos and videos. To tie the bits and pieces together we are really happy to be able to experiment with the Etherpad2Html tool, created and maintained by hackbase.

The documentation is available: Worklab 2022 Documentation.

A big applause to all participants who took part in the process and made this interesting exchange possible: Marloes de Valk, César Escudero Andaluz, Klimentina Li, Jessica Renfro, Nejc Trampuž, Davide Bevilacqua, Francesco Nordio.

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