Call for Participation

Call closed! About 10 years ago bitcoin was introduced to the public and with it a technology called blockchain. Soon blockchain started to become a lot of people’s new favorite toy. Allthough the technology was everything but new it quickly became the answer to many pressing questions.

Ethereum is the foundation for a new era of the internet claims its founder. An unprecedented level of security is possible with Bitcoin promises the mother of all cryptocurrencies. The art market will be reinvented according to to live in a world where artists can gain instant momentum and traction for their work through a democratized patron supported ecology.

Block that chain

Democracy, resource distribution, transfer of funds: following the visions of protagonists of various blockchain based projects, almost all of humanities problems can be solved by their tech. We’re in for a new wave of technology that will take us to a brighter future. No need to trust anyone anymore. Trust is provided by the system. Everything saved is safe, forever and immutable.

What does a world, where trust is provided by machines look like? What benefits do we get from total transparency? What will all the accumulated data be used for in the future? Has there ever been a problem that could be solved by throwing technology at it?

Block that chain is a six day worklab in Graz/Austria organized by where we will discuss the above made statements, look for answers to the posed questions and find further questions to broaden the discussion and engage the public.

After an intense week of input from different angles, discussions and experiments we will present the results to a greater public.

Sun 2019-10-06: arrival
Mon 2019-10-07 to Fri 2019-10-11: work
Sat 2019-10-12: presentation
Sun 2019-10-13: departure

We invite you to participate and bring your thoughts and experience(s). Please write an email stating your motivation to no later than August 18 2019. This call will lead to the invitation of six participants. Participation is free. will cover travel expenses, lodging and lunch.

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