Jaka Ẑeleznikar - Workshop und Präsentation

Jaka Ẑeleznikar

An exciting and diverse world of e-poetry is out there. Where is it? What makes poetry e-poetry? Do you have to be a programmer to make e-poetry? The answer to the later question is no.

An interest in poetry will more than do. Learn on e-poetry - and most of all, write your own e-poem in hands-on workshop. The poem you will write will change in time. Maybe just a word. Maybe all of the poem. It’s up to you. Surprise yourself :)

Presentation of net art and e-literature work by Jaka Železnikar

Its been a while (mid 1990s) and it was a lot of net art and e-poetry. It had something to do with the early days of Internet, and poetry and art. One of the pioneers of that moment will take you trough some special moments that still makes sense. Some art, some poetry, some intersection of it – all on-line. New for some, nostalgic for others. All welcome – as long as there is an interest in art, poetry and some Internet too. You might get bored otherwise. And to get bored is not the intention of the event. Don’t miss it.

About Jaka Železnikar

Jaka Železnikar is an author of e-literature/poetry, net artist, and web developer. In 1994 his literary debut was published, a book of poetry and short stories, “54.000 words” (54.000 besed, in Slovene). With his net art/e-literature work ‘Interactivalia’ (1997) his creative work moved into net art and e-literature domain where he was one of the pioneers of the field. He presents his work in literary and exhibition venues internationally. Jaka Železnikar holds an M.A. in Creative Writing and New Media (De Montfort University, UK). He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia and writes in Slovene and English. www: http://www.jaka.org

Daten und Fakten

Workshop :: 17. Dezember 2016 - 14:30 Uhr

Präsentation :: 17. Dezeber 2016 - 20:00 Uhr